Please Help Me Out I Dont Know What To DO

So before i start i should tell you this is my very first post ever so please be nice and i am not the best speller. Injoy

So i am a 15 year old girl and i am not the best at picking the guys. There is this one guy though that i have known for 9 years, i really like him we dated in like fourth grade. (wow that sounds dumb) Anyways so he broke up with this girl about a month ago. He says when he gets over her he MIGHT ask me out, Okay so does that mean that this guy dose not like me and he does not what to tell me. I mean he talks to me everyday and he calls me hun and babe, but he says we are not dating. I am just so confused and i need help. Should i just come out and ask? should i just wait it out to see if he asks me out? Should i tell him how i feel? I mean i am sick of waiting for him to get his things together, i have been turning people down for the past month and then they get mad at me for saying no. I tried dating once i told him that this guy asked me out and i said yes so i didn’t want to go anywhere and he got all pissed off. I don’t even know why because before we started talking i told him if anyone asks me out and i like them i am going to say yes. He said that he was fine with that, so i don’t know why he got so upset when i told him. I ended up braking things off with the guy that asked me out, and i am still talking to this guy (the one i like) Can you please just help me i am soooo sick of waiting and being confused. I really like him but i don’t wanna have to sit here and wait i have to see to many people go through that and i don’t wanna go through the same thing as them and keep getting hurt. Please tell me what you think and i will make my decision.


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