Get to Know Me

I think if i am going to be blogging to you all you should probably get to know me just a little. So i am a 15 year old girl. I have problems with liking myself. I have a “problem” with boys, so let me tell you about that my mom thinks that i spend to much time thinking about boys. Okay i can say that sometimes i do. I really don’t have any luck with them relationship wise, but if it comes to just being friend then it is cool. except for when some of them they think friends they think fucking buddies and i am not to cool with that. No more talking about that though. Back to me i have 2 brothers and 1 sister. i have an older brother and he is 19. A younger sister that is 10 years old and a little brother that is 9 years old, and boy do we have troubles with him. What else should you know?…. I am not very good with my typing skills as in i am not a good speller and i am not go at my grammar i am decent at typing though 35 wpm (words per minute) so that’s okay for a 15 year old i hope well if there is anything else that you wanna know about my boring life let me now and i will answer them as quickly and as truthfully as i can i promise i will answer your questions so don’t worry. Have a good day!!


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